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Chemical industry

The chemical industry is a sector showing great interest in filtration products. From the perspective of Remark-Kayser this state of things places representatives of this sector among its important contractors. Moreover, depending on the business profile, our partners representing this industry report a keen interest in practically the entire range of products offered by our company.

Our business connections with the chemical sector involve the supply of filter bags and related goods for dry filtration in a very diverse range of materials and designs. Of particular importance here is the variety of products we offer equipped with treatments allowing safe discharge of electrostatic charges. For this sector we also supply a wide spectrum of products belonging to our line of filters related to the operation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems. This applies to the entirety of our product range – starting with cartridges used for pre-filtration and ending with highly efficient HEPA or ULPA type filters. Our customers are also interested in products belonging to our line related to liquid filtration.

To meet the needs of our customers, we carry out complex orders concerning not only the delivery of our products but also the renovation of filtration systems, laboratory services or consulting related to filtration.

Due to the experience that can be drawn from our decades-long presence on the market, we are also able to carry out tasks which require knowledge, quality and special flexibility of action due to the complexity of the projects carried out. As an example, let’s take a technically demanding project that we have realized for one of the large chemical plants. Due to very difficult working conditions (high temperature and chemically aggressive environment) the material proposed by us was characterized by high thermal as well as chemical resistance. At the same time, thanks to the use of our patented RKDTD Seam Sealing® technology, it was possible for us to guarantee dust emissions at extremely low values. Moreover, due to the highly corrosive environment, all metal parts of the bag were made of titanium. Our solutions were accepted by the clients and the order was carried out properly, on time and on commercially competitive terms.   


Remarkable Technologies cover many product lines

We are a leading manufacturer of filtration equipment for dust collection, HVAC and liquid filtration. Our products have been successfully used for over a quarter of a century in a variety of applications in many countries around the world.


Dust collection: installation, analyses


HVAC system servicing

Remarkable Technologies cover various product lines. Our portfolio includes projects that have made it possible to effectively reduce the level of dust emissions, extend the life of filter components or increase the production capacity of a plant by using more technically advanced material or optimizing the design.

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