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Energy sector

Power industry and thermal waste to energy industry

Remark-Kayser has many years of experience in supplying products and services for the energy and heating industry, as well as for the thermal waste processing industry.

The energy and heating sectors are interested in our filter bags and related goods, such as supporting cages, solenoid valves, etc. We support our customers in the process of dust collection of industrial gases from grate boilers, SO2 and NOx reduction systems or transport systems.

The aim of our solutions is to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of achieving the basic performance of the filtration equipment at the expected level and maintaining it within the required time. Advanced filter media that we use in combination with our own patented RK DTD Seam Sealing® technology enable us to meet our customers’ requirements in terms of the expected level of dust emission and maintaining this value safely for the service life of the filter bags.  

In addition to the products we offer, we also provide our customers with a range of services. Our teams are available to our customers in the event of a need for inspection of the filter unit, replacement of filter bags or overhaul. Our research and development facilities offer their experience in eliminating difficulties arising in the daily operation of filtration equipment and our laboratory verifies the condition of the filtration media used. More details can be found in the relevant section available on our website.

The thermal waste processing industry

A separate category of the entities making up the energy sector consists of the thermal processing plants for municipal, biological, or medical waste. Due to their specific nature, such plants require the use of advanced materials in the process of industrial dust collection of gases generated during the combustion of raw materials. Due to the diversified chemical composition of fuel and high operating temperature, the dust extraction process in this case requires the use of technologically advanced filtration media. We have extensive experience resulting from a number of successfully completed projects for similar applications.

We offer a wide range of materials for key applications in this sector, such as PPS, PTFE, fiber blends of various materials, membrane materials, with the possibility of design including the use of RK DTD Seam Sealing® technology. For details on specific solutions, please refer to the dedicated tabs on our website. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly.


Remarkable Technologies cover many product lines

We are a leading manufacturer of filtration equipment for dust collection, HVAC and liquid filtration. Our products have been successfully used for over a quarter of a century in a variety of applications in many countries around the world.


Dust collection: installation, analyses


HVAC system servicing

Remarkable Technologies cover various product lines. Our portfolio includes projects that have made it possible to effectively reduce the level of dust emissions, extend the life of filter components or increase the production capacity of a plant by using more technically advanced material or optimizing the design.

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