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Airslide fabrics

What are they?

Remark-Kayser has been supplying airslide fabrics to the market for years. They are used for pneumatic transport, unloading and for aeration of loose materials. They are used in building materials production sector (e.g. cement, lime), power industry, metallurgy, food or chemical industry.


The fabrics we offer are made of polyester, aramid and cotton fibers. We have flexibility in the technical requirements that our products must meet. This applies in particular to the thickness of the fabric, the resistance that can be obtained or the dimensions of the finished product.  Parameters of selected fabrics – polyester, aramide and cotton – are available after submitting a request for quotation.

We are able to respond flexibly to the customer’s needs and, depending on them, deliver the fabric in the form of properly cut strips or formats of various dimensions. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information on this product line of Remark-Kayser.

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