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Andreae cardboard filters

What are they?

Andreae cardboard filters are made of two layers of pleated perforated cardboard glued together, which guarantees the most efficient use of the filter. They are used as the first stage of filtration in many spray booths and paint walls. Pain-stop mats are installed behind the filters as a second stage of filtration.



  • 1m x 10,35m (10m2)
  • 0,90m x 11,20m (10m2)
  • 0,75m x 13,40m (10m2)

Available colors:

  • brown
  • white

Optimal use conditions:

  • Recommended air velocity: 0,5 – 1 m/s
  • Pressure difference:
    0,25 m/s -> 8Pa
    0,5 m/s -> 20 Pa
    0,75 m/s -> 30 Pa
    1 m/s -> 40 Pa
  •  Recommended final pressure drop: 128 Pa do 256 Pa

Filtration efficiency: up to 98.1%

Available versions:

  • Starter Version
  • Standard Version – Original
  • HC Version – High Capacity
  • Version HE – High Efficiency
  • Version HH – High Holding
  • Version HP – High Productivity


Cardboard filters have gained their popularity due to their easy installation and low price while maintaining their absorbency and efficiency.

Their special geometry provides high rigidity and allows installation without additional reinforcements. The shape of the walls and symmetrically distributed holes cause the air flowing through them together with contaminating particles, e.g. varnish, to swirl (the so-called Venturi effect), which causes the dirt to settle on the filter walls.

They are made of recycled and natural materials, which makes them easy to recycle (as opposed to, for example, glass fibres).

These filters have a high dust absorption – even up to 18 kg/m2 (depending on the type of paint).

The filters are additionally equipped with two built-in stretch limiters (Original version) and the High Efficiency version has an additional polyester layer, which significantly improves filtration efficiency. The High Holding filter is made of 2 layers of cardboard paper, pleated and glued together and is finished with a layer of glass fibre to increase both absorbency and filtration efficiency.  The High Productivity filter is made of two layers of cardboard paper, pleated and glued together, finished with a layer of polyester and additional absorbent strips.


Andreae cardboard filters are used in paint shops, walls, automatic machines or spray booths.

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