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Compact filters

What are they?

Compact filters are mainly used in production plants as 2nd or 3rd degree filters before absolute filters or as final filters in air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Technology: V type


  • available in M5-F9 class.
  • in plastic frame
  • filtration medium: mini-pleat
  • number of humps: 2-5

The filter pack is placed in a plastic frame in the form of so-called humps, which increases the filtration surface and maintains proper filter parameters. Filtering medium is a properly formed glass fiber carton.  Proper arrangement of individual layers of the carton is maintained through the use of glue sticks as separators.

Technology: panel type – mini-pleat


  • available in M5-F9 class
  • in plastic, galvanized, cardboard, aluminum, MDF frame
  • filter medium: mini-pleat

Filtering medium is formed into a filtering pack by means of modern mini-pleat technology. Separation of filtering carton layers is achieved by means of glue sticks of strictly specified thickness.

Technology: panel type – aluminum separators


  • available in M6-H14 class
  • in galvanized steel frame
  • available thicknesses: 292mm or 150mm (very rare: 80mm)
  • available in high temperature version
  • available with single or double flange

The filter carton is separated by aluminum foil separators, embedded in polyurethane resin at both ends.


Compact filters are used in:

  • ventilation and air conditioning systems,
  • in industrial, food and pharmaceutical processes as well as in hospitals.

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