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Fan-coil units

What are they?

Fan-coil units are fabric elements used for prefiltration and as main filters installed in air conditioning, ventilation and fan coil systems. They are made of high quality materials and durable metal wire frames.


  • Available in filtration classes G2-M5.
  • available in a full range of dimensions
  • 4 possible versions: single-sided hem, double-sided hem, pocket or loop sleeve
  • Frame diameter 4mm, 5mm or 6mm

In order to inquire about fan-coils please provide basic parameters:

  • dimensions in order: width x height
  • wire diameter
  • type of material (mat or filter material)
  • execution (single-sided, double-sided type)


  • single-sided type – rod with mat or filtration material on one side
  • double-sided type – rod with mat or filtration material on both sides


Fan-coil units are used in:

  • public buildings, offices, hotels,
  • fan coil systems,
  • air curtains,
  • air conditioning equipment.

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