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Filter bags

What are they?

Filter bags are responsible for separation of process dust in industries such as energy, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, food and pharmaceutical, tobacco and many others. Filter bags are the key components of filtration devices, whose task is to clean the gases coming from technological processes and prevent the atmosphere from being contaminated with undesirable dusts and organic and non-organic chemical compounds.

Remark-Kayser is a manufacturer of premium quality filter bags that meet the most stringent environmental legislation and individual customer expectations. Our products have been helping to combat air pollution on nearly every continent for nearly 30 years. Remark-Kayser’s expertise and patented technologies for manufacturing high-performance filter bags provide us with a solid leadership position among companies providing environmental protection technologies.


Highly efficient and modern production lines allow us to offer a wide range of design solutions for filter bags used in

  • “pulse-jet”, 
  • “reverse air” type filtration systems with fan assisted backflow cleaning
  • filtration units with a shake system.

Our filter bags are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation of filter bags in filtration units.


The filter bags manufactured by Remark-Kayser are made of the highest quality filter materials from qualified suppliers worldwide. Highly demanding supplier evaluation and qualification procedures ensure on the one hand the high quality of our products and on the other hand a high degree of flexibility in terms of delivery times and the availability of almost any filter medium.

The basic materials used for the production of filter bags are the following needle felts and fabrics:

Type of fiberRK codeTemperat. restist. °C – continuousTemperat. restist. °C – peakAcid resistanceAlkali resistanceHydrolysis resistanceOxidation resistance
PolypropylenePP9095very goodvery goodvery good partial
Polyphenylene SulfidePS190200very goodvery goodvery goodpartial
Advanced Fiber BlendAB240260goodgoodgoodgood
PolytetrafluoroethyleneTF250280very goodvery goodvery goodvery good
FiberglassGL260285goodpartialgoodvery good
Values refer to the physical properties of the materials under standardized conditions.

Filtering materials can be enhanced by the application of treatments appropriate to their working conditions:

Treatment nameDescriptionApplication
HydroTechprotection against moist or oily dustpresence of moist or oily dust, cement, lime, wood, energy industries, other
ConduTechelectrostatic dischargeexplosive dust, ATEX zones, woodworking industry, food industry, metallurgy, cement industry
SparkTechprotection against sparks and glowing particlessporadic occurrence of sparks and glowing particles, metallurgical industry, other
ResisTechprotection against aggressive chemical environmentpresence of moist, oily, sticky dust, energy industry, thermal waste treatment, cement sector
MicroTechspecial fine fibers for better dust separation and longer lifefine dust, low dust emission limits, cement, metallurgy, lime, power industry
MembraTechsurface lamination with ePTFE membrane for better dust separation, more effective cleaning and extended filter bag lifefine dust, very low dust emission limits, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, thermal waste processing
PureTechseparation of very fine and hazardous dust particleshazardous and carcinogenic dust, workplace air purification, wood industry
AluTechspecial roughened filtration surface for better separation of fine dustfine dust, aluminum industry fine dust, aluminum industry
FoodTechfood-safe filter medium and approved for direct food contactfood industry, pharmaceutical industry, food contact
ReleaseTechSpecial surface for improved release of dust cakewaste incineration plants, cement, lime, power industry

In addition, Remark-Kayser, based on the specific requirements of its customers, develops and realizes, in cooperation with a selected supplier, proprietary and individual filter media solutions to achieve the expected performance and to meet stringent emission requirements.


The highest quality of Remark-Kayser filter bags is achieved by an experienced and qualified production staff, modern machinery and strict quality control procedures.


Our customers are primarily:

  • power industry – power plants, heating plants, incineration plants
  • Production of building materials – cement plants, lime plants, mineral wool plants, asphalt plants, glass factories and many others
  • metallurgy – steel works and producers of steel, copper, aluminium, titanium and many others
  • Chemical industry – production of carbon black, soda, fertilizers, nitrogen plants and many others
  • Food industry and pharmaceuticals – producing flour, milk powder, medicines and many others
  • Tobacco industry – production of cigarettes

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