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Liquid filtration


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Housings & baskets for liquid filtration

What are they?

Strainer baskets are used as a support structure for liquid filter bags that are mounted in filter housings.



We offer strainer baskets in both standard (1-4) and customized sizes.

In terms of filter housings, we offer different types and configurations of connections; different base and lid closure designs; single, duplex or multi-chamber housings.


Our offer includes strainer baskets and bag housings made of carbon steel, acid resistant steel or other materials as requested by the Customer.


Strainer baskets are perforated, matched to the bag and to the filter housing to ensure adequate pressure drop.

Filter casings have an internal coating that is passivated and etched, and an external coating that is sandblasted or electropolished. They are equipped with a control and measurement system (vent valve, pressure gauges).


Filter housings and strainer baskets with liquid filter bags are used in many industries for filtering various types of liquids, e.g. food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, paint and lacquer, cosmetic, automotive, metallurgical, electronic industries as well as for filtering process water and wastewater.

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