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Needle felts and fabrics

What are they?

We offer a wide range of filtration media for production of filter bags for gas filtration used in various industry sectors. The materials we offer are mainly needle felts and fabrics of various characteristics. Moreover, they may be equipped with special treatment to increase strength or ensure improved performance of the materials.

Types of materials

The basic materials used for the production of filter bags are the following needle felts and fabrics:

Type of fiberRK codeTemperat. restist. °C – continuousTemperat. restist. °C – peakAcid resistanceAlkali resistanceHydrolysis resistanceOxidation resistance
PolypropylenePP9095very goodvery goodvery good partial
Polyphenylene SulfidePS190200very goodvery goodvery goodpartial
Advanced Fiber BlendAB240260goodgoodgoodgood
PolytetrafluoroethyleneTF250280very goodvery goodvery goodvery good
FiberglassGL260285goodpartialgoodvery good
Values refer to the physical properties of the materials under standardized conditions.

Material treatments

Filtering materials can be enhanced by the application of treatments appropriate to their working conditions:

Treatment nameDescriptionApplication
HydroTechprotection against moist or oily dustpresence of moist or oily dust, cement, lime, wood, energy industries, other
ConduTechelectrostatic dischargeexplosive dust, ATEX zones, woodworking industry, food industry, metallurgy, cement industry
SparkTechprotection against sparks and glowing particlessporadic occurrence of sparks and glowing particles, metallurgical industry, other
ResisTechprotection against aggressive chemical environmentpresence of moist, oily, sticky dust, energy industry, thermal waste treatment, cement sector
MicroTechspecial fine fibers for better dust separation and longer lifefine dust, low dust emission limits, cement, metallurgy, lime, power industry
MembraTechsurface lamination with ePTFE membrane for better dust separation, more effective cleaning and extended filter bag lifefine dust, very low dust emission limits, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, thermal waste processing
PureTechseparation of very fine and hazardous dust particleshazardous and carcinogenic dust, workplace air purification, wood industry
AluTechspecial roughened filtration surface for better separation of fine dustfine dust, aluminum industry fine dust, aluminum industry
FoodTechfood-safe filter medium and approved for direct food contactfood industry, pharmaceutical industry, food contact
ReleaseTechSpecial surface for improved release of dust cakewaste incineration plants, cement, lime, power industry

In addition to the standard material constructions indicated above, we offer you materials prepared especially for specific requirements such as characteristic working conditions, very low limits of dust emission into the atmosphere or other individual customer needs.


Thanks to a large storage area, the vast majority of standard material constructions are available immediately, and thanks to diversified methods of obtaining raw materials, special constructions designed for individual customers’ needs are realized in the shortest possible time. 

Filtering materials in rolls are packaged for safe transport by road, sea or rail and can be stored in the customer’s warehouse.

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