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Paint-stop mat

What is it?

Paint-stop mat is made of odorless and non-flammable glass fibers. Specially formulated properties trap dust particles and the extra reinforcement on the back makes the product extremely durable. The paint-stop mat is universal and can be used for all types of paint.


  • Thickness: 75 mm
  • Weight: 230 g
  • Roll length: 20 lm
  • Color inside/outside: green/white
  • Gravimetric efficiency: 93 – 97%
  • Atmospheric performance: 0.7-1.75 m/s
  • Initial pressure loss: 7-40 Pa
  • Final pressure loss: 100 Pa
  • Air flow rate: 2500-6300 m³/h/ m²
  • Dust absorption capacity: 3500-4700 g/m²
  • Max working temperature: -15 – +80°C

Available in 3 dimensions*:

  • 2×1 m
  • 2×1.5 m
  • 2×2 m

*On request it is possible to cut to any size.


Paint-stop mat is used in the last stage of filtration in:

  • industrial paint shops
  • lacquering booths 
  • and in production of e.g. windows, furniture, machine parts etc.

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