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Pleated cassette filters

What are they?

Pleated cassette filters are filters in a galvanized steel or plastic frame with a pleated pack to increase the filtering surface, protected on one side by a steel mesh.


  • available in filtration classes G2-F9 (ISO 16890).
  • available in full range of dimensions
  • frame thickness from 30 to 150mm
  • in galvanized steel, plastic or cardboard frame
  • It is possible to buy a cassette filter in a detachable steel frame, which allows for the replacement of the filter pack on your own.

To inquire about cassette filters, please provide:

  • dimensions in order: width x height x frame thickness (W x H x L)
  • filtration class
  • type of filter
  • kind of frame


Pleated cassette filters are most often used as a pre-filtration element. They are produced with the use of progressive structure fibres. Pleated pack increases dedusting surface and steel mesh guarantees construction stability.


Pleated cassette filters are used in: 

  • air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • control cabinets

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