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Pocket filters

What are they?

Pocket filters are a type of filter that are built on a frame of galvanized steel or plastic. They are composed of a sequence of pockets of filter material.


  • available in filter classes G3-F9 (ISO 16890).
  • dimensions and number of pockets according to the customer’s needs
  • in galvanized steel or plastic frame 
  • made of synthetic or glass fibres

In order to make an inquiry for pocket filters, please specify:

  • dimensions in order:
  • frame: width x height (W x H)
  • length of a single pocket: L
  • number of pockets
  • filtration class
  • e.g. 592 x 592 x 360 / 6 G4 (ISO Coarse)

*To ensure adequate air flow, the pocket filter should be installed in such a way that the filter pockets are aligned vertically.

Filtration classes

ISO Coarse pre-filtration

For pre-filtration, i.e. for large particles above 10 microns and even those visible to the naked eye such as small flies or pollen, filters with coarse filter materials are ideal, as they guarantee a longer lifetime and a higher dust holding capacity.


Filters capturing contaminants up to 10 microns are the most popular category among our customers. In this range the quality to price ratio is the most balanced. Customers appreciate the color differentiation depending on the filtration class chosen (white M5, green M6, pink F7, yellow F8).

ISO ePM2,5

Recent studies show that PM2.5 concentrations are more relevant to studies on the negative effects of particulate matter on human health. The smaller particle size allows it to settle in the lower respiratory tract, seriously compromising health. Filters that capture this type of particle have been shown to be highly effective.


Filters reaching the highest filtration class of the ISO classification achieve very high filtration efficiency and their filtration is very fine. They are most often the second stage of filtration in building ventilation systems, often the whole system is terminated at this stage.


Pocket filters are used in: 

  • public buildings (hotels, shopping malls, offices),
  • Production plants,
  • hospitals,
  • power plants,
  • paint shops.

Mounting frames

Mounting frames are designed for installing pocket filters, cassette filters and compact filters, suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

They are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Their installation in ventilation ducts is easy and fast.

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