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Solenoid valves

What are they?

Diaphragm solenoid valves are used in filter bag cleaning systems in dust collection equipment.


The valves are designed for minimum opening time and as fast flow rate as possible. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum, while the surface is protected against corrosion, and the bolts and screws are made of stainless steel. In special cases the valve can be made entirely of stainless steel.

There are different diaphragm types available: NBR and Viton and in some models low temperature diaphragms.

There are different voltage ranges available. You can choose versions with built-in or remote control. Port sizes are ¾” – 4″ depending on valve type.

Selected products are available with ATEX certification.

We also offer spare parts and other accessories.


Valves are suitable for use in gas purification systems in many industries and processes, such as:

  • improving air quality in the workplace
  • general industrial dust collection
  • cement production
  • mining
  • silos and conveyor systems
  • power generation: protection of boilers and gas turbines against dust particles

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