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Z-line filters

What are they?

Z-line cassettes are filters, in which the insert is made of thermoset pleats – the so-called thermoplastic (Z-line). They are an ideal alternative to pleated and flat cassettes.


  • available in filtration classes G2-M5
  • in cardboard, plastic or galvanized steel frame
  • max. working temperature 70 C
  • max. Relative humidity: 100%

To inquire about Z-line cassette filters, please provide:

  • dimensions in order: width x height x frame thickness (W x H x L)
  • filtration class
  • type of filter
  • kind of frame


The special design of Z-line pleats provides high airflows and low average pressure drop which reduces energy costs and ensures long life and reliable operation. Z-line filters are compatible with all types of air handling units and special devices.


Z-line cassette filters are used in air conditioning and ventilation installations depending on the filtration class as pre-filters or fine filters.

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