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Dust collection: installation, analyses

Bags’ installation, leakage tests and other

For customers who expect us to provide complete care in industrial gas dust collection, we offer a wide range of services in addition to products such as filter bags and supporting cages.

Our service teams are at your disposal for disassembly of old and installation of new filter bags and supporting cages. Our experience resulting from several decades of presence on the market guarantees your full satisfaction with the installation performed and eliminates potential problems in the operation of gas dedusting systems resulting from improper installation.

We provide services of assembly of filter bags fixed vertically and horizontally in the cell plate as well as suspended ones. During the installation we take into account such aspects as proper sealing of bag fastening elements in order to ensure the expected level of dust emission, as well as the installation method which should not damage the surface of the filter bags, which is particularly important when installing bags made of materials equipped with PTFE membrane on the surface. Correct installation is of great importance for achieving emission targets. 

In addition to the work mentioned above, our service teams also provide a number of additional services related to the operation of the filtration system. We perform leakage tests, carried out using fluorescent powder. We also carry out precoating, which is required in certain situations. We check the correct functioning of the cleaning system, etc.

Training and supervision

Customers who entrust installation to their own service teams are offered training in the field of removal and installation of filter bags and supporting cages, as well as installation supervision services consisting of timely delegation of a qualified service employee who is authorized to train the customer’s service team and who supervises the process of disassembly and installation and spot- checks whether the filter bag and cage are properly fastened.


Many years of bag filter operation sometimes requires a major overhaul and our service teams offer their experience in this field as well. We deal with e.g:

  • cleaning (including sandblasting)
  • painting the inside of the filter with special protective paint
  • welding works
  • replacement/repair of cell plates
  • replacement/repair of inlet ducts
  • repair of cleaning system
  • replacement of seals and many others


We also offer you a number of laboratory tests, above all:

  • evaluation of the filter bag for its wear with a prediction of the possibility of its further operation,
  • analysis of the filter bag for premature wear or damage, its causes,
  • identification of the type of filter medium,
  • routine testing of the filter bag under warranty.


In addition, we offer you an analysis of your dust collection system with a view to optimization aimed at trouble-free operation of the system, reduction of dust emissions, reduction of operating costs or improvement of process efficiency. Our successes in this field are described in detail in the “case studies” section.


Remarkable Technologies cover many product lines

We are a leading manufacturer of filtration equipment for dust collection, HVAC and liquid filtration. Our products have been successfully used for over a quarter of a century in a variety of applications in many countries around the world.


Dust collection: installation, analyses


HVAC system servicing

Remarkable Technologies cover various product lines. Our portfolio includes projects that have made it possible to effectively reduce the level of dust emissions, extend the life of filter components or increase the production capacity of a plant by using more technically advanced material or optimizing the design.

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