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Cartridge filters

What are they?

Cartridge filters are successfully used in the industries producing bulk construction materials (e.g. cement), energy, metallurgy and chemicals. Due to their properties, cartridge filters are sometimes used as an alternative to filter bags. Under favorable conditions they can be used to obtain a large filtering surface with a limited volume of filtering equipment.


Cartridge filters delivered by Remark-Kayser are characterized by a high degree of flexibility resulting from different customer expectations. If necessary, the structure can be designed, modified, strengthened or otherwise adapted to the requirements of the original plant suppliers. The same applies to the material used.

The filter material of the cartridge filters is adapted to the operational requirements of the plant. Depending on the temperature, the chemical composition of the gases and the filtration rate, the most common materials used for dust collection are:

  • cellulose,
  • a mixture of cellulose and polyester,
  • polyester.

Materials may be given additional surface treatments. Among the most commonly used are:

  • hydro- and oleophobic treatment,
  • antistatic treatment,
  • microfibre layer,
  • PTFE membrane.

Cartridge filters can take many forms and shapes depending on the technical specification of the filtering device. Remark-Kayser provides high design and material flexibility of its products.

Basic parameters

In order to prepare an offer by our Team, we kindly ask you to prepare the following data:

  • inner and outer diameter of the cartridge,
  • cartridge height,
  • data concerning filtration material / process parameters,
  • photographic documentation of cartridge (external view, view of cartridge bottom, view of cartridge top, view of cartridge interior, other important construction elements),
  • anticipated number of cartridges to be replaced.

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