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Building materials

Over the years Remark-Kayser has established a strong position on the market for the supply of filter bags to the bulk building materials sector. We have a long term cooperation with a number of groups supplying the market with materials such as cement, gypsum or lime. As a result of such collaboration, we have been supplying our products to plants located in Europe, Asia and Africa for many years.

Today Remark-Kayser is one of the leading suppliers of filtration products used by manufacturers of the above mentioned building materials and their derivatives. Our products are successfully used at many stages of their production. Our projects enable our customers to maintain dust emission levels in compliance with the applicable standards.

Thanks to our experience we are also able to meet the requirements resulting from the specific needs of our clients. For entities particularly interested in lowering emission levels we have prepared a proposal in the form of our patented effective technology for sealing sewing needle holes. Our portfolio also includes the implementation of projects which made it possible to effectively extend the life of filter bags or increase the production capacity of a plant. It was possible thanks to application of adequate, technically advanced material or, for example, through optimization of the filter bag’s construction.

In addition to a wide range of our products, our customers can also rely on the support of our service personnel. Our teams are available to assist our customers in the field of repair work related to the installation of filter bags and supporting cages, supervise such work, perform leakage tests of filtration units and provide a number of related services according to the customer’s needs.

We also provide our partners with services provided by our research and technical facilities. As we are in constant contact with our customers, we are able to efficiently identify their needs, prevent possible technical problems and solve those which occur during operation of filtration systems. We provide advice and technical support, analyse the condition of working filter bags and advise on the use of filter media that are optimal for the given conditions.

Thus, our cooperation with customers is broad and based on trust resulting from our knowledge, experience and the quality of our products.

We would like to invite you to cooperate with our company. Should any of the information presented above need to be extended or clarified, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will make every effort to meet your expectations.


Remarkable Technologies cover many product lines

We are a leading manufacturer of filtration equipment for dust collection, HVAC and liquid filtration. Our products have been successfully used for over a quarter of a century in a variety of applications in many countries around the world.


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Remarkable Technologies cover various product lines. Our portfolio includes projects that have made it possible to effectively reduce the level of dust emissions, extend the life of filter components or increase the production capacity of a plant by using more technically advanced material or optimizing the design.

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